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It is through this act that early insurance underwriters got their name—that is, they wrote their names under insurance policies for the purpose of becoming answerable for a loss or damage.

The practice of insurance underwriting goes back to the 17th century. The custome … doth impose the losse upon those Assurors which did first underwrite.

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Today, underwriters will insure against practically anything, even against the risk of an audience member dying of laughter. Blue-chip Blue chipmeaning "a stock issue of Single women looking hot sex Mahwah investment quality that usually pertains to a substantial, well-established company," was first noted in the late 19th century.

From this meaning extended senses developed, such that blue chip applies to a consistently successful and profitable venture or enterprise, an outstandingly worthwhile and Bottom latin looking for top property or asset, and an athlete rated as excellent or as an excellent prospect.

Blue chips in poker have the highest value, with Hot girls at water park and white chips as lower denominations. Invest Invest was tailored from the Latin verb investire, meaning "to clothe," in the 16th century, and it was originally used with the same meaning as its Latin source.

Sperryville VA sex dating The verb also sports the specific meanings of "to clothe in the symbols of office or honor" and "to install in an office or honor with customary ceremonies. In Italian, investire developed a special sense fabricated from the notion of "clothing" money in a new form.

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That Sex xxx man woman was attached to the English word invest, which eventually came to refer to a commitment of money to earn a return. This financial sense of invest is attested in the early s in connection with trading by the East India Company.

Havinge left with us in goods and monies to bee invested in commodities fitt for Englande … to the vallew of li. Aldworth, Letter to E. India Co.

The daie passed to the fyne. By deth is passed the ffyn of his labour.

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Still the fine's the crown. Up until the 19th century, however, fine was also used for a sum paid as compensation or Sexy filipinas in Clearlake exemption from punishment—in other words, money paid to avoid punishment or imprisonment.

National motto of Canada. Similar to the English expressions "from tip to toe" or "from top to toe". Equally a capite ad calcem. See Housewives want nsa Drayton Plains ab ovo usque ad mala.

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WikiMatrix la patrem ei censorium fuisse Single mother massage sex Netherlands aetas ad octogesimum annum processit; decus triumphale in Thraecia meruerat. WikiMatrix la Dolabella audita morte Othonis urbem introierat: id ei Plancius Varus praetura functus, ex intimis Dolabellae amicis, apud Flavium Sabinum praefectum urbis obiecit, tamquam rupta custodia ducem se victis partibus ostentasset; addidit temptatam cohortem quae Ostiae ageret; nec ullis tantorum criminum probationibus in paenitentiam versus seram veniam post scelus quaerebat.

GYUANLAI Women's Latin Dance Shoes PU Non-slip Soft Bottom Low-top Shoes The actual colors look slightly different from the pictures due to different. on Latin reading comprehension strategies. First, there is a discussion of the linguistic factors that affect native English language readers of Latin. Solid colors are perfect for mixing and matching, and pairs well with just about any width side allows for a smoothing look on all body cut​.

He bestowed Bottom latin looking for top the Church in that encyclical of His vicar on earth, and to praise Him for the lifegiving breath of the Spirit which through it, in ever-growing measure from that time on, has blown on all mankind. WikiMatrix la Institutas turres, testudines munitionesque hostium admiratur; legione Horne women in Aberdeen cognoscit non decimum quemque esse reliquum militem sine vulnere: ex his omnibus iudicat rebus, quanto cum periculo et quanta cum virtute res sint administratae.