Non-Toxic Beauty and Skincare with Dr. Roohi Qureshi

natural beauty Jun 04, 2019

I swear in another lifetime I was a journalist! I absolutely LOVE interviewing interesting and passionate people who are making their mark in the world...Especially when they're helping others lead healthier and happier existences! 

This is why I literally was geeking out to interview the creator of Leaves of Trees - an organic and non-toxic apothecary here in Toronto. 

Roohi (founder of LoT) is a warm, humble and passionate woman who exudes humility, integrity and grace - all qualities that I just adore seeing in other humans, especially when they extend them into their businesses. 

'Conscious' businesses, meaning those that consider the overall impact their service or product may have on the environment, animals and creatures of the sea and their clientele are popping up more and more these days. 

We need these types of businesses and leaders to make their mark in the world so that we can begin to see some seriously positive change on this planet.

I always say that in order to see positive change in the world we need to begin with ourselves and our daily habits. That is doable, wouldn't you agree? 

This is why I love to buy products for myself and my home that are non-toxic (to myself and the other critters living on this planet) and are biodegradable. 

This usually also means that they have minimal negative impact on my organs (skin, liver, gut) leaving me feeling pretty confident that I'm side-stepping endocrine disruption or slowing down my detoxification capabilities. 

Not only do the products I use from LoT make me feel like I'm making a sound decision as a responsible member of society, they also sweep me up and momentarily wisp me away to a Turkish Hammam or Luxe Moroccan Spa. 

Aromatherapy is one of the most impactful pleasures I enjoy daily. The scents of Lavender, Persian Lime or Rose and Cardamom immediately downregulate my nervous system, brings me in the moment and forget all that may be stressing me out at that time. 

Who doesn't need more of that in their life? 

I was so excited to interview Roohi and share all the goodness of her gorgeous products and apothecary so that you, too, can hopefully find a healthy dose of indulgent escapism simply by reaching in your purse or make up bag and stepping into the world that is Leave of Trees.

Check out my interview with this inspiring lady and claim 20% off your online order by using the code IBSA2018 until May 31st 2018!

I know you'll geek out as I have been for the past 6 years using her products <3

In good health + happiness,

Cassandra Hope
RHN+ Founder 


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