My Top 5 Favourite Ways To Detox

detox lifestyle wellness May 28, 2019

The word detoxification has quite the buzz around it, wouldn't you agree? So many supplements, foods, nutritionists, health coaches and spas (just to name a few) claim to support detoxification. With all of this emphasis on detoxing, it must be pretty important, right? 


What is Detoxification?

Detoxing is a natural process that occurs in our bodies every second of every day. Everything from our lungs, skin, digestive systems, including the liver, our mitochondria (grade 10 flash back?) and lymphatic systems are all working hard and symbiotically to ensure that we are processing harmful chemicals that we ingest via the air, our skin, food and natural processes in the body into something that can be excreted via our urinary or digestive systems.

I think many people believe they must "do" something to the body in order to make it detox. This just isn't true. Our bodies know what to do with toxins if we just give it the space to do its job. Meaning: stop dumping toxins (chemicals, refined foods, crappy quality beauty care products, sugar, alcohol, unnecessary pharmaceuticals, etc.) into our bodies and eat nutritiously so our cells have the ammo they need to fully process and excrete toxins from our bodies. 

This isn't to say that a 'cleanse' isn't necessary. I use medical food cleanses with certain clients who have poor methylation or may not have the capability to detox hormones from the body. As intelligent as our bodies are and cable of detoxing on its own, sometimes systems 'break down' due to genetic predispositions turning ON - i.e.: when our environment negatively affects of cells and DNA for long enough, our bodies efficiency at detoxing may become sluggish. We can determine how well your methylation pathways are by doing our Fit Genes genetic test. 

What you may notice if you aren't detoxing well (poor methylation, sluggish liver, if you have infections like SIBO, etc.) could be fatigue and lethargy, food intolerances and IBS symptoms, endocrine disruption and PMS, mood irregularity and weight gain. 

There are some basic practises I prescribe to my clients that can help to support the gut and liver in detoxification which really helps to eliminate or reverse the above mentioned symptoms and health issues, though I like to do a full intake to establish if those supplements are a good fit before recommending them.

A safe and effective approach to supporting your body's innate ability to detox which you could begin today, are the following suggestions. 

My Top 5 Favourite Ways to Detox

1. Ingest less toxins

Seems simple but seriously, think about it. The less toxins you put into your body the less it has to work and the more efficient it can be at eliminating toxins and keeping you healthy. 

2. Skin brush

An age old technique that stimulates your lymphatic system to circulate and move toxins as well as improve your immune system's efficiency. It also makes me feel really awake and clean.

3. Increase Fibre

Fibre binds-to and moves toxins and hormone byproducts from the body. Without fibre, toxins and harmful compounds recirculate through the body causing free radical damage. Though beware - not all fibre is good for everyone so be sure to check out the video for more info on why that is!

4. Magnesium Citrate for Constipation

Constipation is one of the worst problems to have when wanting to support detoxification. When stool isn't moving through the body in a timely fashion it allows toxins to stay in the body longer leading to more free radical damage and toxicity. Maintaining regular elimination is key in getting on the path to gut (and overall) health.

5. Sweat!

Workout to support lung, cell and skin detoxification. We were built to move and sweat everyday, our bodies depend on movement to detox efficiently. We must override the desire to stay sedentary all day (driving, sitting at a desk, Netflix binging etc) and incorporate healthy movement, even if just for 15 mins per day.

For more info and details on each point here be sure to watch our latest video where I break down the why's and how's of my top 5 favourite ways to detox. 

This spring, open up your windows, let the sun and fresh air in, eat colourfully and healthfully and support your body in detoxing so you can enjoy a season of clarity, energy, vitality and health. 

In good health and happiness,
Cassandra Hope

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