How To Manage Mother's Day Stress

inspiration wellbeing Jun 25, 2019

As a woman who has experienced quite a lot of pain surrounding motherhood I felt it to be important to speak to the other ladies out there who have experienced deep loss surrounding motherhood and share one thing I use to help cope with the pain of loss. 

For me, loss looks like the 8 year old step-daughter I just said goodbye to for the last time. It also looks like the child I have yet to create at the age of's also remembering seeing my birth mom for the last time at the tender age of 12. It's taken a lot of work for me to not fear motherhood or mothers in general. Healing is most definitely possible <3.

Loss surrounding motherhood can show up in many different forms. Maybe it's mourning the child you never had, or the one you may have lost during gestation or too soon after birth. Maybe it's your mother and best friend who has passed or the abortion you had because 'it just wasn't the right time'. 

Whatever the situation is it's important to acknowledge that it's ok to be where you are with that pain and to let go of any shame you may carry with that pain. 

We are human, and we have a complex emotional body that deserves love, attention and gentle care.

Check out my latest video and learn the one technique I use to manage pain surrounding Mother's Day. 

Gut health is about learning to manage and move through the stressful and painful life events that have the potential to keep us in sympathetic overdrive and shut down digestion and elimination. 

That looks different person to person but as you become more introspective and committed to self-discovery, the ability to manage stress, pain, loss, and grief becomes easier and easier. 

As a sister who walks through this life hand-in-hand with her fellow sisters, I am sending you love, strength and empowerment. 

You've got this <3

Cassandra Hope,
Founder + RHN 

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