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The IBS Academy was created by a group of health practitioners and people who are passionate about not only healthy living, but providing reliable evidence-based support to the general public with chronic digestive complaints.
One of the top reasons the public visit their doctor is digestive concerns, while many walk away with a diagnosis of IBS, treatment options are often limited or fail to provide the necessary support long-term to reverse these complaints. Working with a team of health practitioners, including a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, and nutritionist is ideal, but not everyone has the access or resources to make this happen.
Our team is dedicated to providing support for the public, empowering our community with:
  • the education about common causes to IBS
  • inspiration and community support to motivate each other
  • evidence-based reliable resources on recipes, diets, teas, supplements and strategies to effectively address IBS
Our Motto - Educate, Empower, Inspire

The IBS Academy is dedicated to delivering research-based, relevant, and cutting edge information to the those in need of answers to improving their health.

 Dr. Robyn Murphy, ND

Dr. Robyn Murphy is a Naturopathic Doctor with a special focus in Integrative Medicine, and works closely with medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists and nurses to bring comprehensive care to patients in her clinical practice. After completing a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree, she lived abroad in China to gain first hand experience in the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and earned her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto.

Dr. Murphy continues to practice with those at the forefront of their industry in the areas of functional gastroenterology, neruoendocrine and women’s health.  She held the position of Associate Medical Director for a lifestyle genomics company to develop clinical genomic panels and consult with physicians.

She is a strong advocate of educating the public and patients and dedicates a lot of her time as a medical educator, learning enthusiast and researcher. Dr Murphy’s insatiable curiosity and respect for the human body, science and medicine is evident by her continuous dedication to learning, teaching and staying open-minded.

 Dr. Kathryn Urquhart, ND

Hi, We are Braden & Kathryn and we are one of those families that has always been obsessed with health & fitness. From young high performance athletes to mature health and longevity enthusiasts, we've tried  it all! We've studied and experimented with so many fad and researched backed diets, health supplements and regimes over the last 15 years it would make your head spin!
On our journey, we tried many diets - low fat, low carb, keto, and interment fasting -  and we were unable to address one underlying problem, GUT HEALTH! We finally realized why all other diets and meal plans were falling short - they do not address gut health which impacts your overall health, and mental and emotional state. Healing the gut is the KEY TO UNLOCKING your true health potential!
If you don't start with the gut you can slip back into your old ways of bloating, fatigue and feeling unwell or worse!
We can now FINALLY live our best life every single day because we've conquered our gut health!


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