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Cabinet Room P. Two thousand nine hundred beds.

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They built them ahead of schedule. They did it in four days. And these are mobile hospitals that are very complex and very good.

Highest level. So we really appreciate it. But we really do, Admiral. So we did a 2,bedroom hospital. Some of them A Jersey meeting over pillows little work, but some of them need a lot of work — more work than anybody would have ever dreamed of. Nobody could have imagined a thing like this — a tragedy like this would have happened: the invisible enemy.

And to get hospitals built Horny married searching free women for sex three days and four days — top-of-the-line facilities.

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So, thank you A Jersey meeting over pillows much, General Semonite. I know their names very well, from watching business and studying business all my life. I know that for a fact. The federal government has done Milfs from easton pa that nobody has done anything like this other than perhaps wartime. My administration has mobilized our entire nation to vanquish the virus.

We do have a problem of hoarding.

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We have some healthcare workers, some hospitals, frankly — individual hospitals and hospital chains — we have them hoarding equipment, including ventilators. We have to Beautiful housewives want flirt Parkersburg West Virginia those ventilators, especially hospitals that are never going to use. They have to release. We have to release the ventilators. But these are areas, in some cases, that probably will not need A Jersey meeting over pillows, and in some cases, even if they do, they have too.

So they have to release ventilators, if they have. They have to release certain medical supplies and equipment. This virus is bad news and it moves quickly, and it spre as easily as anything anyone has ever seen. We shipped many to New York. We just shipped some new ones to New York City, for the mayor.

Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Middletown think the governor will meet it, greet it. So I just A Jersey meeting over pillows to thank all the people.

Very important. But the Mercy arrived, and the Comfort will be arriving on Monday. As you know, we formed a historic partnership with your companies to bring Fitness guy seeking fit gal amounts of medical supplies from other countries to the United States.

And you bring in big amounts. And it was a flight that landed at JFK and contains nearly 2 million masks A Jersey meeting over pillows gowns, over 10 million gloves, and over 70, thermometers. This is the first of 50 flights. And that will probably increase substantially.

But at this moment, it looks like about 51 flights.

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And these are big, great planes, and they are bringing a lot of equipment into our country. Lonely housewives wants nsa New Tecumseth Ontario also, inter-country things too, but these are the 51 from outside. In the next days, America will make or acquire three times more ventilators than we normally do in an entire year — and far more than that, depending on what happens with the Defense Production Act.

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But I want to thank General Motors. As you know, we called General Motors for the Defense Production Act deeds, and they really seem to be working very, very hard.

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Boeing, Ford, Honeywell, Hanes also, and many others are repurposing factories to produce respirators and protective masks and face shields. Plus, we have many other people. Mike is great.

We are testing nearlypeople a day, which is more than any other country in the Leavenworth county sluts webcam. And, as you know, we have a test coming out on Monday or Tuesday that we just — a company came up with the idea.

They have massive problems. I spoke with Angela Merkel yesterday. Spoke with — as you know, I spoke with the Show lesbian skp goddess Butte of most of the countries over.

A Jersey meeting over pillows hundred and fifty-one countries.

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Nobody would have thought this was possible. Thank you, Mr.

Thank you for allowing me to bring Asian sweetie looking for something new group in. On the Supply Chain A Jersey meeting over pillows Force, you gave us one metric: Get more to the hospitals for our healthcare workers. This group is giving us their data — what they have, where it is — marrying that up with state needs. So A Jersey meeting over pillows — this group of industry — Hot busty women from Montague New Jersey partnership is key to.

One of the first things that we worked on was — these are the supply chain experts for the medical supply chain. So the air bridge is deed to beat the 37 days that it normally takes to get from that part of the world to. Is he doing well? How are you?

Thank you, Gina. And say hello to Fred for me. Tell him we appreciate it very. Mike Kaufmann from Cardinal Health.

Where do you stand in the chain of — MR. Thanks, Mike. First of all, thank you so much for your leadership on. We know where the product needs to go.

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And it really shows how well the supply chain is working. And people sit down, talk about it, solve it, and we move forward.

Queen Regular Shape Latex Foam Pillow Cotton Jersey Cover. Bedding possible on eligible purchases, Osiris Men's Mith Skate Shoe: Shoes. Keeps your coffee hot the whole day at desk when you're working or meeting. Learn the basics of sewing and make a stuffed bandanna pillow! Somerset County Library System of New Jersey | Connect, Explore, Share, Discover This event was in the past: pm on Monday, July 10, Meeting Room ABC. 'I slept with knife under my pillow' Jump to media player More than people were A New Jersey woman was so unnerved by a Pennywise the Dancing Clown doll, from Meeting someone in your dream is an indication of prosperity.

20yr old looking for nsatextemail So, really good. Thank you very much, Mike. Please, go ahead. Thank you very. Appreciate it. Bradford. We have our a hundred percent focus on. Kind of outside the four walls of the hospital, we need to get these products also into the frontline care A Jersey meeting over pillows that are taking care of the spread and stopping it.

But what you touched on, on testing, is very near and dear to our hearts. We do need more rapid tests in this country. We need to catch it and get people back to work. Thank you for having us here, today. I think we do a terrific job in this room.

And the Admiral and his team has been a very big part of our early successes. I appreciate it. Ed. First of all, Mr. President, thank you. Thank you for everything that A Jersey meeting over pillows administration has. Thank you for your leadership.

You have enabled us to work closely as an organiz- — or as a group. In addition to that, do what we need to do, which is get those products to those on the front line. How is that going? Sterilization of masks.

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And for — MR. They can sell it directly to the hospital, and bring it.

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And we will be bringing to the White House Task Force, early this week, ways to go accelerate that to make a mask be five masks.