The Top 5 Ways to Heal Leaky Gut

digestion wellness Aug 07, 2018

If you're reading this, you've probably been experiencing an upset stomach or other digestive symptoms, or know somebody who has! This of course can be due to many reasons, one potentially being leaky gut syndrome.

We talk a lot about IBS and SIBO here at The IBS Academy, and today we're talking all about leaky gut and the 5 top ways to heal it!

What is Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut is properly known as intestinal permeability, whereby food the cells lining the GI tract are more permeable or "leaky" than they should be. This hyperpermeability leads to food particles, bacteria and/or toxins directly entering the bloodstream before they've had a chance to be broken down or processed fully during digestion. This elicits an immune response and can lead to intense food intolerances, fatigue, joint pain, and if left untreated, can lead to the development of autoimmune conditions depending on your genetic predisposition.

What Causes Leaky Gut?

The causes of leaky gut are quite varied but some causes include an exposure to pro-inflammatory foods such as dairy, sugar, alcohol or gluten, and high stress levels.



If you have leaky gut, here are 5 strategies to help to overcome it!


The Top 5 Ways to Heal Leaky Gut


1. Remove Food Triggers

Removing food triggers alone won't heal leaky gut, but, if you're constantly eating pro-inflammatory foods that contribute to poor gut health, no supplement will be able to assist in the process of allowing your gut to heal. Removing food triggers is essential. Everyone is a little different, but these triggers typically consist of gluten, sugar, dairy, and alcohol.

2. Address Stress Triggers

If you're dealing with chronic sympathetic overdrive - whether you're coping with tough life events, having difficulty instilling boundaries, or perhaps removing yourself from stressful situations - no amount of glutamine, healthy food, or filtered water will heal leaky gut.

Make self-improvement a priority and develop some ways to better cope with stress. This is a big factor in allowing our bodies to heal and regenerate!

3. Do a Gut Healing Protocol

Gut Healing Protocols can differ from person to person, but before undergoing a proper leaky gut protocol, it's first important to address and identify potential infections that may exist in the gut. These may be candida, dysbiosis/SIBO, parasites, or H. Pylori.

Click here to learn more about you can test for SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and how to get rid of it!

4. Detox Your Gut

Doing a gut detox may not be your first step in overcoming leaky gut, and instead may be part of a maintenance regime afterwards.

When it comes to our toxic load, think of the analogy of a toxic bucket:

When you're born, you may have some amount of predisposed toxicity in utero, and as you grow older and begin consuming irritants such as sugar, perhaps alcohol or cigarettes in high school, and then experience high stress levels during university or an unhealthy relationship, you gradually increase the toxic load in your bucket. Eventually, one more event or "droplet" of toxicity spills over and symptoms begin to express themselves. The idea here is to clear out your toxic bucket, and you do this by following a program that helps to detox your gut.

We recommend those with gut issues do this bi-annually. You can check out our Gut Detox Program here.


5. Eat Collagen Rich Foods

Collagen protein powder is becoming increasingly popular. A lot of people are adding it to their bulletproof coffee, in smoothies, baked goods, bone broth, and for making homemade gut-healing marshmallows!

All of these are great for nourishing our intestinal cells, gut lining and immune system. But please note, if you're early in your gut healing journey, collagen and gelatin can be a little irritating. If you're noticing symptoms from consuming them, just know it can be premature, so introduce them later after you've done some more work on your gut!



We hope these tips are helpful for you on your gut health journey! Be sure to check out our YouTube video here for more information on leaky gut.

In health,

The IBS Academy


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